The Cost of Chiropractic Care is affordable for most budgets. Charges for initial start up, treatments, and therapy vary quite a bit depending on your situation so I would choose not to go over individual costs until we could sit down and chat. The following is some information that should answer some questions you may have. 

Major Medical Insurance

We are currently out of Network with many insurers due to changes in Health Care and poor coverage by these insurers over the past few years. Our Time of Service Fees are very competitive and affordable taking away many of the headaches that come with insurance coverage.  

You can alwaqy book a consultation thatwill answer all your questions regarding your condition, care, and costs.


Yes, Medicare does cover Chiropractic care. It DOES NOT cover your examination, therapies, and diagnostics studys (such as X-rays) but it will cover your Chiropractic adjustments. Your co-pay is 20% if Medicare is your only insurance, but if you have a supplemental insurance there will likely be NO COST for you after your initial visit.

Auto Insurance/P.I.P

If you were injured in an automobile accident there is a good chance that your car insurance will cover Chiropractic Care to heal your injuries. In many cases the insurance will cover you at 100% until you reach pre-accident status. You must be seen within 14 days of the accident so be sure to get in to see us ASAP!

I hope the above information answered most of your questions about Insurance and care costs. 

Please feel free to e-mail me or call the office with any additional questions you may have about Chiropractic care or costs involved.

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